Ditching personal care products for better health

Sadly, the majority of our person care products are loaded with harmful chemicals, compounds and synthetic ingredients.  Skin serums that make our skin worse rather than better, antiperspirant and deodorants that contain ingredients linked to breast cancer, chemicals in our shampoo and soaps that have been linked to birth defects and hairsprays and nail polishes that are potent neurotoxins.  All of these things hurt our body and disrupt our hormones.  In the coming weeks we will be discussing detoxing your life beginning with products that you can replace with coconut oil.


So, what can coconut do for you?  So glad you asked, lets dig into it shall we:

Antibacterial Properties:

Coconut contains Lauric Acid, which converts to a substance in our bodies and acts as an antibacterial, antifungal and provides immune system support.   When used regularly as part of a natural skin care regime, coconut oil is able to protect the skin against environmental elements as well as provide sun protection to the rate of 20% of ultraviolet rays.

When used on cuts and scrapes, coconut oil works just as well as an over the counter treatment like Neosporin.  We use it regularly for first aid with fantastic healing and scar reducing results!

Internal Benefits:

Coconut oil can be used as a laxative and to keep ones system regular.  It also has the ability to aid in weight loss by providing easily digestible energy and healthy, nourishing fats.  A great metabolism booster, it tastes wonderful in sweet treats and is also fantastic for cooking.

Skin Care:

Coconut oil is a natural skin softener, gives excellent results in producing younger and softer looking skin.  It is a wonderful oil to use for the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM).  You can use it for shaving your legs and reducing red shaving bumps.  It can also be used as a scalp conditioner for those folks who have dandruff.  Coconut oils are also amazingly effective for skin issues such as eczema.  My son has had such severe eczema that we have had to give him topical and oral steroids and bandage his legs.  Since removing him from the medications and using coconut oil several times a day, his eczema is well under control.

Coconut oil is a do-it-all product that is a must have in your home!  I have saved so much money by never buying facial moisturizer, body moisturizer, shaving cream, first aid ointments and expensive all natural sunscreens.  I hope that you will consider what coconut oil can do for you and toss out some of those toxic and overpriced personal care products.

Stay tuned for my Coconut Diaries series as I dedicate a post each week to the specific use of coconut oil, complete with how-to’s and whys!



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