Homemade, non-toxic laundry soap. Frugal and safe!


I have been using my own laundry soap formula for a little over 3 months now and I have absolutely LOVED it. Not only has it cost me pennies on the dollar, it smells heavenly.  I don’t burn scented candles or use any type of chemical air fresheners so the peppermint scent of this wash formula gently wafts through our home like a refreshing summer breeze on a cloudy Seattle day.  Dying for the recipe yet?  It’s ridiculously simple.  All you need are 3 ingredients: Baking Soda, Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap – I use peppermint, and warm filtered water. That’s it.  See? I told you it was ridiculously simple and the results are fantastic!.  My towels are fluffy, my whites are white and my sweaters are soft.  The baking soda gets grimy organic chocolate out of my little guy’s clothes every single time.  And the best part: it’s non-toxic.  You could drink it (or use it as mouth wash, but that is an entirely different post).  Here are the simple instructions.  This is for a small quart batch, you can of course make bigger batches if you like and of course, you can use any scent that tickles your fancy.

Our Whole Life Ridiculously Simple Laundry Soap:

3 tbsp. washing soda

3 tbsp. Dr. Bronners Liquid Castile Soap

1 qt. filtered warm water

In a quart jar or container (I use our old Nutiva coconut oil jars), add baking soda and castile soap.  Pour in the warm water and stir.  Voila! You have your very own, ridiculously simple laundry soap.  Now, aren’t you Lil’ Miss Frugal Homemaker! You could add a pretty picture if you want. You could even put it in a cute jar and give it to a friend with a fancy little homemade label.  I would love to hear how you like it, comments are always welcome! Find this post and other bloggers’ posts on Holistic Squid’s Party Wave Wednesday!


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