Gluten Free Cheddar Crackers


Dealing with dietary changes is really tough.  It’s even tougher for a child especially if they go to school. My preschooler came home from school a few days ago near tears telling me that he was left out of a game on purpose.  I asked him what the game was and he said it was Pass The Fishies.  I instantly knew where he was going with this.  It was a snack time game, centered around food in a classroom of children that include tubies and gluten free kiddos.  Now, I have all sorts of comments about the bad judgment of the teacher however I was more concerned about how I could get my little guy some crackers.  Off I went to Google and I found a fantastic recipe by Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom.  I didn’t have a fishy cookie cutter but I had a star for starfish crackers.  They were an instant hit and I am happy to share a slightly adapted recipe with you!

Cheddar Crackers

Equipment you need: Food Processor, a toothpick


6 oz shredded cheddar

2 oz parmesan cheese

5 tbsp melted butter

¾ cup cornstarch

¼ tsp xanthan gum

2 – 3 tbsp milk


1)      Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2)      Lay out a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet

3)      Combine all ingredients minus the milk in a food processor and blend until the dough is a fine, soft crumb

4)      Sprinkle cornstarch on your work surface and roll the dough out very thin

5)      Cut into tiny shapes or just cut into strips horizontal and diagonal for a funky rectangular shape

6)      Poke holes in the tops of the crackers, you can make smiley faces if you like

7)      Bake for 10 minutes, the edges will be slightly brown

8)      Remove the whole sheet of parchment paper and slide the crackers right off to cool.

9)      Watch your kid squeal with delight that he now has super awesome cheddar crackers, much cooler than those little bags of goldfish

The flavor of these things is spot-on, the majority were gone within an hour.  I managed to save a few to test them for getting soggy or becoming too dry.  So far, 3 days later, they are still great!  I am going to try this same recipe sans cheese and add herbs and garlicLet me know how this works for you and if you are successful with modifications! ~Carmen


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