Delicious French Toast – Grain Free!


This morning has pretty much been heaven.  My little guy and I slept in; I made a big batch of perfect pancakes, bacon and paleo cocoa; this is what mornings are all about in my world!  It’s still chilly outside in the mornings and I long for comfort food.  I found my mind wandering to my mom’s French toast.  Back in the day it was simple: white bread, eggs, some cinnamon and sugar fried up in a pan.  Super yum, but doesn’t fit in with the way we eat today.  Since I don’t have bread in the house I was going to resign myself (oh so difficult) to the pancakes but then I spotted my coconut banana bread that I made a few days ago.  LIGHTBULB!  Needless to say, I just downed a hefty portion of coconut banana bread French toast!  The method is simple, just click here and make some yummy bread, make two if you actually want left-overs.  (I actually am testing a piece of the bread in the freezer to see how it thaws; I’ll let you all know how that works out.  Baking in bulk is such a handy time saver but doesn’t always work with grain alternatives.)  Next:

Ingredients (for 3 pieces):

Coconut Banana Bread – thinly sliced

1 pastured egg

¼ tsp. organic cinnamon

Coconut oil or ghee – for frying

Grade B Maple syrup – if you are so inclined


Whisk eggs and cinnamon together.  Quickly dip the bread into the egg mixture and drop it into your hot oil or ghee.  Fry a minute on each side – I like mine crispy.  Serve immediately.

It’s that simple folks! I hope you enjoy!


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