Chicken No-Pasta Salad


Prior to my learning about eating healthier and ditching gluten for a more primal style diet. One of my absolute favorite dishes was pasta salad. My go-to in a pinch was, brace yourself, Suddenly Salad. I loved both the Italian and the Bacon & Ranch variety. Yup, I would throw in some canned chicken and chow down.  These days I know better than to even walk down the “dinner” isle at the grocery store because there is just nothing there to eat.

We spent our last weekend glamping at a lake in Eastern Washington and I was really missing some of the faves that I used to bring along. I made a mental note to myself to try and find some healthy alternatives.  Fast forward to today: As I was pondering what to make for dinner tonight I had a lightbulb moment while staring at some rather boring leftover roasted chicken breasts In my fridge.  Further exploration of my refrigerator and pantry yeilded enough ingredients for me to try to recreate a healthy version of my long forgotten fave. I did, and I am so glad. The result is a creamy, savory and satisfying chicken salad that is perfect for making in large batches for a quick lunch or potluck. Let me know if you try it, I certainly hope you enjoy!


Food processor (not totally necessary but makes the job easier), large spoon, bowl


4 chicken breast, cooked and shredded (this is where the food processor is nice)

6 strips cooked crisp bacon

2 cups cherry tomatoes, sliced in halves

1/4 large onion, minced

2 cloves garlic, minced

3 cups cold peas

1cup finely shredded mozzarella (optional)

2 cups mayo ( I make my own, but if have regular store bought that’s fine)

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp black pepper


First shred or dice your chicken.  Alternatively you can use a food processor and this makes the process much easier.  In a large bowl add peas, onion, garlic, cheese and bacon. Mix to combine. Next, fold in the chopped chicken, mayo and tomatoes. You want the tomatoes last so they don’t get too beat up. Add your salt and pepper to taste. Presto! Done! Simple, easy and delicious. Enjoy! ~Carmen

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