2 Step Applesauce


Last weekend while my family and I were enjoying time at the lake, my mom discovered an apple tree on the property that we have been spending weekends on.  There were literally tons of ripe apples on the tree and of course that made us super excited.  We shook the tree, gathered apples and set out to make applesauce.  Since we weren’t prepared for making applesauce, we didn’t have any spices or sugar on hand but we did have some local peach preserves sweetened with grape juice so that served as our sweetener.  The results were excellent, and quite honestly the apples were so sweet already that the sauce was just fine unsweetened as well.  This post is dedicated to our apple find, and to easy peasy applesauce.  Enjoy! ~Carmen


Wash your apples and slice thinly.  Don’t be afraid to leave the skin on, it adds some texture and the skins are a powerhouse of nutrients.  Add to a pan with a pinch of salt (not necessary if you don’t have it on hand).


As the apples cook, they will begin to get soft and turn to sauce.  Gently stir and break up the mixture (I like mine chunky).  Give it a taste test and once the texture is to your preference, you are done.  At this point you can mix in whatever spices or sweetener you have on hand.  Voila!  Homemade applesauce in about 30 minutes.



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