About Me


I’m Carmen, mother to a busy preschooler living with autism, sensory processing disorder and several food allergies and wife to a wonderful man who supports our lifestyle change to a more sustainable way of living.  I search the web for recipes to modify and try and I also create my own.with my own recipes and share with my followers. Over the past year we have worked to eliminate toxins and chemicals from our diet and our home.  We follow a primal eating style because that’s just what makes us feel better. Living within a restricted diet becomes easier with easy recipes and that is my goal, to bring easy to follow and affordable recipes to your kitchen and to let you know what works and what doesn’t.

In addition to food, I also blog about the benefits of living a greener lifestyle and choosing whole and nutrient dense foods.  I enjoy cooking, blogging, learning, and anything outdoors.  I also have recently become a rep for NYR Organic after discovering their wonderful non-toxic and gmo free beauty and health items.  Please feel free to email me for questions or samples, we have a wonderful array of essential oils, body care, cosmetics, baby care and supplements.  You can access my website here.

I hope you enjoy reading.  Please feel free to stop by my FB page @OurWholeLife.


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